UAG SP1 DirectAccess Contest Quiz Two-Round One

(If you didn’t participate in Quiz 1 – you can read the rules of the game over at

It’s time for Quiz 2-Round 1!

I got started late on this one today and I was also reminded that there are plenty of UAG DirectAccess fans who aren’t in North America Smile

For this reason, I’m going to change one of the rules for the contest which will allow more people to participate. From this point forward, you don’t have to send your answer until 9AM Central Standard Time (-0600 UTC) on Monday December 13th.

All the other rules remain the same.

Now for the questions!

Question 1: You have installed UAG Service Pack 1 and find that you are unable to connect to resources on the intranet using fully qualified domain names. What is the most likely reason for this failure? A.  The ISATAP adapter on the DirectAccess failed to start B.  The Teredo interface on the UAG DirectAccess server failed to start C.  The DNS64 service failed to start D.  The IP-HTTPS certificate needs to be renewed Question 2: A Help Desk professional is trying to provide assistance to a DirectAccess user who is connected to the intranet from a hotel on another continent. The DirectAccess connection is working for the user and the user is able to connect to all required resources on the intranet. However, the user is having problems with some editing software and would like the Help Desk Professional to take a look at her system. When the Help Desk Professional tries to RDP into the user’s computer, the connection attempt fails. What is the most likely reason for the connection failure? A.  A Windows Firewall rule on the client exists for inbound RDP with Edge Traversal enabled B.  The Help Desk Professional is connecting from a Windows 2000 Workstation Computer C.  The hotel where the user is staying blocks outbound RDP connections D.  The user is connecting to the UAG DirectAccess server using IP-HTTPS Question 3: A UAG DirectAccess server benefits from being placed behind a front-end firewall in order to reduce the firewall filtering load on the TMG server that is also installed on the UAG server. Which of the following protocol(s) is/are not required through the front-end firewall to the UAG DirectAccess server when the server is connected to an IPv4 Internet? (Choose all that apply): A. IP Protocol 50 B. UDP Port 3544 C. TCP Port 443 D. IP Protocol 41


There you go! Now click the following link (which will populate the subject line on the email message) to email me your answers:

I must receive your entry by December 13, 2010 9:00 AM Central Time

Have fun and good luck!



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