Brain Rules for Meetings (and UIs)

In Brain Rules for Meetings John Medina tells us: "you've got 30 seconds before they start asking the question, "Am I going to pay attention to you or not?""

This advice holds true for new UIs as well. If you have installed the Windows Server "8" Beta, and you come upon the new Metro UI in the course of completing some task, you are not in the leisurely "let's explore this new environment" mode. You gotta get stuff done. 

You need the Metro UI Survival Guide for It Pros. It is on the TechNet Wiki. Why? Because as you find new ways of using the UI to get stuff done, new tips, you can share them. It is the Wiki way. F'rinstance, DYK the Windows Key + X in Windows 8 gets you this handy menu?


This online PPT explains about why you should wiki - Building a Community Based Content with TechNet Wiki