How to find stuff I wrote on TechNet Wiki

The business case for changes to the TechNet Wiki is complex. On the "fit for purpose" side of the equation, I try to explain the numbers thusly:

1. There are orders of magnitude more readers than contributors

2. There are orders of magnitude more contribute-once users than there are contribute-many-more-than-once contributors

3. Page views of articles written by a contribute-once-only user *on average* have fewer page views than articles written by either: a) users who contribute much more than once, or b) articles that contain contributions from many - which may include both once-only users and "proflics"

4. Page views are not a good metric of worth or quality, except to advertisers (of which we have none on TechNet Wiki). Look at only the page views to triage is like "putting the cart before the horse."

5. It is about the content, stupid. The top N% of most-viewed pages are disproportionately likely to have been written by one of the relatively small number of users, who are highly likely to have contributed more than once. 

Therefore, when prioritizing new features and functionality changes to the wiki: preference should be given to enabling the "influencers". They are the engines that help power the virtuous circle, both for content, and for community. I nifty side benefit is that *all* users are likewise enabled, and any work in this area encourages once-only contributors to contribute more.  

One of these frequently contributing folks recently asked for help. She wanted to find the "list of stuff I wrote."

Here's how:

1. Sign in

2. Scroll down the page if necessary (on some browsers the link is "below the fold") and click More featured articles

3. Click My Pages

For instructions on how to use the RSS feed for your pages, and Outlook rules, see

Some wiki authors also use the tag system. They will add a specific tag to each article they author, and perhaps a different one to each article they edit. That way, clicking on the tag in the tag cloud, or on any article that has the tag, returns a page with all articles that contain that tag.