Just the Diff’s Ma’am

IT Pros have longed asked for a way to understand “what changed in this information that you just updated”? A change log. The diffs.

On the TechNet Wiki you can see this by using the History tab.

Example, we just updated the Hyper-V: Update List for Windows Server 2008 R2. It us around 2k words, in a FIFO list! Kindofapaintoscan.

This link gives you the view when you select two most recent versions in the History tab, and then click Compare Versions (new stuff in GREEN):


Now, this list is in FIFO order, so you can intuit that the new stuff is at the end, but that isn’t always the case in every doc, right?

This wiki feature can be used on any article on the TechNet Wiki. You can easily see the diffs between the “first posted” or “authoritative” version and the most recent edit.