Remembering Paddy Crean

One of the things I remembered this past week when counting my blessings, was the wonderful few weeks I spent in the 80’s in Stratford Ontario with fight renowned fight master (and Errol Flynn double)  Paddy Crean.

PaddyCrean 1986

I think it was ‘85 or ‘86 while filming the short-lived Kay O’Brien series, which we were shooting in a disused wing of TO General.


Paddy had a profound influence on me as a young actor, fight director, fencer, warrior, human being. I remembered him again and put a private salute to him into my performance of Hal in Henry IV part one.image

Thank you Paddy for all you unselfishly gave.


Just a tidbit I wrote down at that time.

Paddy was talking about his process for his one man show on Kipling, and how hard it was to maintain discipline. Having done According to Coyote I can now relate even more to Paddy’s words of wisdom. When in a one-man show – any lack of concentration or discipline is immediately and painfully apparent.

He said “It may seem kind of silly, you know, but I post my rehearsal schedule for myself on my refrigerator door. ‘Mr. Crean, called at 9 am for Act I. That sort of thing. But, you know, it works!”

Thanks to all at Stratford that took pity on a young American actor and showed him around the Canadian Shakespeare scene.