TechNet Wiki (Beta): Why a Wiki?

One of the things customers asked of us when we met at TechEd 2010 is summarized as:

It would be really useful if you would give me a table of <thing> and how it changes from version to version.”

The most frequent request was for <GPO>, but it really applies to a lot of <things> of interest to IT Pros.

So, how can we get you this info? It is quite difficult to do this on TN/MSDN, partly because everyone working on those properties is 110% focused on the next version of the product, and getting ready to give you the info you need for that.

Enter the TNWIKI. For example, this article “Exchange ActiveSync Client Comparison Table” has a table that compares the changes in the EAS client between different Exchange versions, and that, is salty goodness…


Now, imagine a topic like this that shows you how <your group policy object of interest> changed between versions of Windows Server? Better yet, go get stubby on it.