What's New in Windows Server 8

At the Build conference last week, Bill Laing, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft's Server and Cloud business, opened the conversation with his blog post Windows
Server 8: An Introduction
. More info is at Windows Server 8.

Bill is hosting the conversation over on the  Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform blog. Laing said  “I’ve asked some of our engineering leaders
to write posts on this blog to further explain some of the hundreds of new features. Be on the lookout for those posts in the coming weeks and months.”
Watch that space, subscribe to the RSS feed to catch the new info soonest.

You can catch the video of  Bill’s keynote over at Windows Server 8 | BUILD2011 | Channel 9.

Infoworld gives their top 10 list at 10 best new features of Windows Server 8.

Some I think are important include: