Microsoft Curated Answers - Windows Azure and SharePoint

I've been checking out the Curated Answers and I like how the information is formatted to make it easy to ramp up on a concept. You can take a bunch of helpful links on a specific subject and present them in a spare, simple format that is easy to glance through. Here are a couple I found helpful:

Virtual machines in Azure IaaS - Why should I use them, and what do I need to know to use them successfully? - The past month or so I've been looking into Azure's features and the Infrastructure as a Service features in particular are impressive. You can create a virtual machine or group of virtual machines really quickly. You can use them as a disconnected test environment, or connect them to your on-premises AD environment. The articles and other resources grouped at this link can help you understand Azure VMs and get started using them.

Get started using SharePoint 2010 or 2013 on Windows Azure virtual machines - Use these resources to learn how to deploy SharePoint in Windows Azure - the guidance and tutorials featured here will get you going!