The New Office 365

I haven't written a post in over a month! That's because I've been heads down on help content for the new Office 365. :-) We launched it this week, so I have a moment to give you links to a few resources:

Personally, I work on the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) help content on TechNet, so I'll call that out first. EOP is Microsoft's latest service to protect you from message-borne threats, and it's replacing Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE). If you want to use EOP to protect your on-premises mailboxes (Exchange or otherwise), start at the sign-up page, Exchange Online Protection. My tech-writing team also has a Twitter account where we post all things EOP and Exchange related, at FOPE_UA.

If you'd like to host all of your mailboxes in the cloud, you can start at Select an Office 365 business plan to find a plan that fits your organization.

If you're a current Office 365 customer and you want to move to the new version, don't worry. Microsoft is upgrading all customers. You don't have to opt in. It will happen automatically. Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Enterprise has more information.

Enjoy the new Office 365 for 2013!