It's an umbrella, Silly.

After a several year hiatus, I finally went back to Bumbershoot over Labor Day Weekend.  I had been avoiding it for a few years due to excessive human contact burnout.  For those of you who haven't been to Bumbershoot, it is one of the largest arts festivals in the country, featuring hundreds of amazing musical artists, great art installations, comedians, theater and the obligatory "crafts" (read: marijuana paraphenalia) booths found at all festivals.  From the time I was in high school until about 5 years ago, I would get a four-day pass to the event and go every single day from noon until closing, burning my ears with amazing music and rotting my stomach with questionable food products served from a questionable grill.  It was at Bumbershoot that I saw one of Cab Calloway's final performances as well as discovered an amazing new band Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks (the same show even!)  I saw Maceo Parker and Kilgore Trout, The Roots and Critter's Buggin, The Ramones and Sonic Youth, Built to Spill and Beck, Meshell Ndegeocello and David Cross, David Lee Roth and Ween.  The list goes on almost forever. And it was only 18 bucks for the whole weekend if you bought passes early.

Then, about 8 years ago, something happened.  People found out about Bumbershoot.  Bumbershoot was always popular, but somehow it was no longer a big crowd of people, but rather a sea of people that you had to wade through to get to each act.  You could no longer just walk into the venues and see the amazing acts.  Suddenly you were standing in line for an hour only to find out that you were 6 people behind the cutoff point to get into the venue.  The number of amazing local acts being booked began to drop significantly.  Every year, after the fourth day of Bumbershoot we would say to ourselves, "this is ridiculous, there's no way we're doing this again".  And yet, the next year we would find ourselves picking up the full four day pass again.  About five years ago, the switch finally flipped fully over and we just stopped.  Went cold turkey.

Well, this year my girlfriend and I went for one day.  It was $30 (each) just for that one day.  AFI was the headliner and we had no interest in seeing them.  But despite all of that, We had a fantastic time.  I think moderation was the key.  We saw Zach Galifianakis, one of the funniest men alive right now.  We saw Rogue Wave.  We saw a little bit of Lady Sovereign.  We saw some art exhibits and we spent a good deal of time at Flatstock, one of our favorite Bumbershoot events (check out Tara McPherson's work, it's amazing).  There weren't too many people around (must be the ticket prices keeping them out) and we weren't completely burnt out afterwards.  Which was nice considering my work schedule recently.

Which brings me back to Flight Simulator.  It's just about out the door.  We're putting on the final touches.  And I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  I've been flying the missions for the last few days and I must say I can't put it down.  Who knew flying could be so fun.  ;)