Looking into the mind of a madman.

I have always felt that there is no better way to see what a person is really like (and also be completely surprised by them), then to see the contents of their CD collection.

I have also always felt that there is no better way to be pretentious and seem cooler-than-thou then to post the contents of your CD collection online.

And so, at the risk of simultaneously revealing too much about myself and seeming like a pompous, pretentious hipster, here are the full contents of my current CD sleeve:

Slot 1:  The Bad Plus : Give -   (See the note immediately below)

Slot 2:  The Bad Plus : These Are The Vistas -   (The Bad Plus are a fantastic Piano Trio that are most well known for their amazing deconstructions of classics like Heart of Glass by Blondie, Velouria by Pixies and Iron Man by Black Sabbath.  However, it is my opinion that their original songs far outplay their covers.)

Slot 3:  Battles : B EP -   (Battles is Ian Williams from Don Caballero with two other New York guitarists and John Stainier from Helmet making beautiful art that you can dance to.  One of my top live shows from last year.)

Slot 4:  Das Weeth Experience :  Planeeth Weeth -   (Das Weeth Experience are from Hamburg, Germany.  They played before my group HeeND at South By Southwest 1999.  They always get compared to Yo La Tengo, but to me they sound more like the open west filtered through a distortion pedal always on the edge of feedback.)

Slot 5:  Miles Davis : The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions, Disc 1 -   (In a Silent Way is easily in my top-five albums of all time.  These are the sessions that created them.  Raw and unedited and very nice.)

Slot 6: Miles Davis : The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions, Disc 3 -   (More amazing "jazz" from Miles.  This time from the Jack Johnson (no, not the Hawaiian guy with the mellow guitar, but the boxer who kicked ass and made society men angry and society women swoon) sessions which is right in the middle of his experimentation with melding rock and jazz.  This is raw and punk rock, while sounding nothing like punk.)

Slot 7: Deadweight : Stroking the Moon -   (I first saw these guys in a tiny pizza parlor at North By Northwest.  They rocked the house in an amazing way.  Violin, Cello, Voice and Drums rocking harder than most heavy metal bands.)

Slot 8: Herbie Hancock : Mwandishi, The Complete Warner Brothers Recodrings Disc 1 -   (Fat Albert music, followed by spacey jazz.  Great for working late at night.)

Slot 9: Bobby Previte & Bump : Counterclockwise -   (An amazing New York drummer with a very unique writing style.)

Slot 10: Grails : Redlight -   (An Portland band that sounds like it could explode at any time.  Very unpredictable and relaxing at the same time.)

Slot 11: Squarepusher : Go Plastic -   (An almost unlistenable album.  But in a really good way.  Drill and Bass that you can't dance to, but keeps you moving anyway.  See this guy live if you get the chance, he's one of the best bass players around.  But you'd never actually know he was playing bass.)

Slot 12: Uz Jsme Doma : Fairy-Tales from Needland -   (A Czech punk / prog / art rock band.  They have their own pop-up book.  Enough Said.)

Slot 13: Curtis Mayfield : Superfly -   (The ultimate Blaxsploitation sound track.  It stands completely on it's own as a work of art.  Incredible.)

Slot 14: The Lounge Lizards : Queen of All Ears -   (John Lurie and crew create beautiful and disturbing music.  Yak is a demented classic.)

Slot 15: Muse : Absolution -   (They stole their entire play book from Radiohead, but man did they do it well.  Hysteria is a monster, with an amazing driving bassline.)

Slot 16: James Whiton and the Downtown Apostles -   (A local upright bass player who is quite possibly the best upright player on the West Coast.  This guy is incredible, check out his work with Eric McFadden as well.  And he's got tons of outtakes on his website here.)

Slot 17: Marc Olsen : Didn't Ever, Haven't Since -   (Twangy rock from this local boy.  He used to play in a great band called Sage that I must have seen live 20 times.  Well, this is even better.)

Slot 18: Radiohead : Hail to the Thief -   (Great title.  And the real deal.  I just listened to this today after not having listened to it for quite some time (Kid A and Amnesiac get more play for some reason), and it is a great album.  Mixomatosis is perhaps the only rock song ever written about a disease that kills rabbits.)

Slot 19: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah : Clap your Hands Say Yeah -   (Oooh, ooh, ooh, do I get my indie cred card yet?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you haven't read enough Pitchfork or Spin recently.)

Slot 20: The Consul : Price of Fortune -   (Mettali-Stunt-Funkers.  Local guys who are all consumate musicians and make a loud, complex and beautiful noise.  I actually mastered this one.  Check them out here.)

Slot 21:  The Roots : The Tipping Point -   (These guys are truly incredible and have one of the better drummers on the planet.  Despite all of this, they have yet to create a true masterpiece of an album.  This one comes close.)

Slot 22:  The Sea and Cake : Oui -   (Chicago art rockers.  I like The Fawn the best, but I haven't listened to this one in a while, so I thought I'd dig it out.)

Slot 23: T.J. Kirk : If Four Was One -   (These guys mash-up the music of Thelonius Monk, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and James Brown and play it all on guitars.  It's really funky and really fun.  I think half of these tunes have been featured on Monday Night Football at one time or another.)

Slot 24: Miles Davis : On The Corner -   (Yet another Miles album.  This one is messy and loud.  A real FU to jazz snobs at the time.  I mean, he didn't even include the list of who played on the album.  How dare a jazz musician not include the people who played on the album?  How is everyone going to geek out to it properly if they don't know who's playing on it?  Gosh!)

And there you have it.  A deep look into my psyche.  Or at least a deep look into my psyche right now.  For some reason there's a lot of jazz in there.  I think that's a response to all the heavier music I've been listening to prior to this.  And also there's the whole seasonal cocooning happening right now.  So, feel free to determine exactly who I am from my current playlist.  Oh yeah, and judge my indie cred while you're at it.  Pass me the PBR.