Posting Comments....

I got a question about how to post comments, so here's a simple guide:

Click on the # comments link (for example, the 1 Comments in  "posted by torgo3000 with 1 Comments")

On the following page, click on the "Post a Comment ::" link.

Fill in the form with whatever flame or hate mail you want and you should be good to go.  If your comment shows up, and then disappears, it means I've deleted it.  Because I'm evil.  (Actually, I haven't deleted a comment yet, so if it disappears it means either you or I did something wrong).

More information here.  (Yes, I still use Google.  Sorry.  I tried to paste the same search criteria from, but oh wait, you can't actually do that.  I even tried creating a shortcut, and that just took me back to an empty page.  Here's the results from MSN.)