Join the conversation about Microsoft solutions content

Microsoft is getting into the solutions content business. What does this mean? Multiple teams across Microsoft are now focusing all or part of their time on developing and publishing lab-tested, multi-product, end-to-end solution content. For example:

  • The Cloud and Datacenter writing team has published multiple document sets for private and hybrid cloud solutions that combine Windows Server, System Center, and Windows Azure.
  • Microsoft Office Content Publishing is now producing guidance on cross-product solutions involving SharePoint 2013, Exchange Server 2013, Lync Server 2013, Office 365, and Windows Azure.

The goal of these teams is to help you solve bigger business problems than could be solved through any of these products individually.

We have some ideas regarding what solutions to get started on but we need your input to find out if these are the right ones and what other ones we should do.

Therefore, we are forming a Solutions Advisory Board (SAB) consisting of customers, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), and people in various roles inside of Microsoft. The SAB will:

  • Maintain a blog to announce events and share information with the community.
  • Send out newsletters on a regular basis about upcoming solutions, and suggestions for new ones.
  • Host regular online meetings in which:
    • Microsoft presents ideas for solutions to the group and collects your feedback
    • Microsoft opens the floor to SAB members to present their requests for solutions
    • SAB members can showcase their own solutions (and businesses) to the SAB
  • Send out an annual survey for SAB members to complete.

If you would like to participate in the discussion around solutions that use any combination of Microsoft products (such as Windows Server, SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, Lync Server 2013, Office 365, System Center, SQL Server, or Windows Azure), we invite you to join this new group. 

Please contact us at to join.

We look forward to working with you!


Microsoft Solutions Advisory Board