New Learning Roadmaps for SharePoint 2013

As described in this previous post, a learning roadmap is a way of organizing content (articles, white papers, videos, blog posts, etc.) to provide a customized and optimized learning path for a technology, feature, product, or solution. Starting with prerequisites and then moving on to introductory, intermediate, and advanced learning goals, learning roadmaps enables a novice to ramp up quickly and an experienced technology person to build more expertise in a particular area.

My colleagues on the SharePoint IT pro writing team have been very busy publishing the following additional learning roadmaps:

If you need to technically ramp up in any of these areas, take a look at these articles to understand the prerequisite knowledge and then dive in.

See Learning roadmaps for SharePoint 2013 for the complete list for SharePoint 2013.

See Learning Roadmaps Portal for the complete list across Microsoft products. To create your own learning roadmap, see the Learning Roadmap Template.


Happy learning!


Joe Davies
Principal Writer