Updated guidance for configuring profile synchronization

I've updated the instructions for setting up profile sync, and the revised Configure profile synchronization topic was published on Sept. 30.

Quite a few folks are running into trouble with profile sync, so I wanted to publish the topic quickly. Here's a rundown on what is covered and what isn't:

The following areas are covered pretty well:

· Setting up all the prerequisites, starting the sync service, configuring connections, and synchronizing

· Importing user profiles from directory services

· Exporting user profile data

· Granting permissions to the account you use for synchronizing with Active Directory

The following areas are covered somewhat, but could use more clarification in the future:

· Importing user profile data from business systems through BCS

· Managed paths, as they relate to My Sites

· Connection filters

· Mapping profile properties

And the following things aren't covered at all yet:

· Granting permissions for synchronizing with non-AD directory services

· Synchronizing group profiles

· Troubleshooting!

· Steps to omit if you're not implementing My Sites

· Adding membership providers

· Active Directory Resource/Logon forests

I've also included two worksheets that will hopefully simplify the procedures in this topic. The Profile Synchronization Planning topic will ultimately explain how to fill in these worksheets. In the meantime: For each item in the worksheet that you need to provide a value for, I added a description of what that item is. While this isn't as good as guidance on how to make a decision, it does define the question that you need to answer.

We would appreciate feedback from the folks who are in the process of configuring profile synchronization, especially letting us know whether this new version has helped you, and how to prioritize any missing content.

CathyB, IT Pro writer