Fun with DVR-MS Follow-up

I've received some very nice feedback on my DVR-MS article... I'm glad people are finding it so informative!

I did want to call out one thing about the sample code.  Buried in the middle of the article (when discussing WmvConverter) is a sentence:
"This code will allow you to convert non-DRM'd, NTSC, SD content stored in DVR-MS files into WMV files."

Lots of acronyms ;)  I probably should have called this out towards the beginning of the article where people might see it before downloading the sample code (and I'll see about getting that added; for now, this blog post will have to suffice).  There are some issues with PAL and HD content that will probably cause the sample code to fail when run on these formats.  So while the general concepts discussed in the article apply to both PAL and HD, there are some workarounds required to get the code to work correctly with those formats.

Luckily, Alex Seigler of dvr2wmv fame has derived and implemented such workarounds in his production-quality dvr2wmv.dll (available at and linked from in the article).  If you're looking for sample code and an overview of all of these processes, use the article.  If you're looking to use something like this for production purposes, use dvr2wmv.