Cougar certification

I get asked a lot about Cougar/Small Business Server certifications. A good gentleman from the SBS team heard one of said questions in a recent Live Meeting, and sent me the Q&A below... I'm sharing it here to help inform those of you who, like me, could use a little schooling on what Cougar is all about.

The last two Q&A are my additions, re: related certifications. Raaaaaaahr!*

  • Q. I have heard about the next release of Windows Server code name "Cougar." What is "Cougar"?  Windows Server code name "Cougar" is the next release of Windows Small Business Server. It will be available following the release of Windows Server code name "Longhorn" and will be available as a 64-bit product only.
  • Q. What server components will be a part of Windows Server code name "Cougar"?  "Cougar" will consist of Windows Server code name "Longhorn," Exchange Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, SQL Server 2005, and System Center Essentials. Other "Cougar" components have not been determined.
  • Q. Can I receive a beta of Windows Server code name "Cougar"?  "Cougar" is still under development and no beta code is available at this time.
  • Q. Where can I go for more information about Windows Server code name "Cougar"?  When more information is available about "Cougar," you can find out about it on the Microsoft Web site. You can also subscribe to the Official SBS Blog ( for the latest information.
    Article: Microsoft Readies Next Two Small Business Server Releases
  • Q. Will there be certifications for "Cougar"? We are developing an MCTS certification that validates configuration skills using Windows Server "Cougar." The MCTS will require one exam (70-235), and will be available after "Cougar" releases. More info to come.
  • Q. What about certification for Small Business Server 2003? MCP exam: Exam 70-282: Planning, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for the Small and Medium-Sized Business.

*I'm not sure what sound cougars make, but I like to think it is raaaaahr.