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70-648 and 70-649 are now live; commence 2008 upgrade frenzypalooza. I just tested it on the Prometric site and was able to nearly, just almost, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink register, so I feel confident telling you those exams are now live in English, worldwide.

If you would like your beta results, "a source close to the team" tells me that they are in the hands of our exam partners for finalization and reporting (i.e. this afternoon or later this week). The same source reported that Paris Hilton is fine, despite her recent near-accident

For reals, VUE and Prometric should be posting your results very soon. Why they are not available today (we're just a few hours from close of business here) or earlier, as promised, I don't know, I'll ask, I'm sorry. I know many of you are really looking forward to your results! To keep from banging your head against the wall checking your results every few minutes, finding that it still says tested, then posting here to say so, you can keep an eye on this poast and I'll report when I hear the scores are available from VUE and Prometric. Or you are welcome to Keep Bangin'.

<November 5, 2007> I'm embarrased that you're still on hold for your results. Not because we owe results on a certain day (as much as we plan to have results out on or before the live date, there are a lot of steps and pieces and it is a beta, with some unknowns...) but because we do owe you straightforward, accurate communication about what's going on. And we haven't managed that here. I'm sorry about that. The current situation is that we screwed up some kind of data transfer, which held up scoring. There should not be any problems with the scoring - just the delay that you have, obviously, already noticed. It was supposed to be addressed by November 2, but clearly was not. I won't put forth another date until i'm 100% confident that it is right. We will send an e-mail to everyone affected so people know what is going on.

<November 6, 2007> It is my understanding that 71-648 has now been scored by both VUE and Prometric, the mailed resports started sending out yesterday (but scores should be showing up with your provider and in your MSFT transcript now). 71-649 was finished by Prometric on Monday morning, so that's why you're seeing results with them. Mailed reports to go out later this week and your MSFT transcript should show your results within 48 hours-ish (by Wednesday mid-day or so). 71-649 was on track to complete scoring at VUE by yesterday close of business (which is why those scores are still outstanding). We heard that there are a few buggy reports on both exams with Prometric, so if you have NOT gotten your score - please don't spin your wheels calling the helpdesks. SIt tight (i know it is painful!) for a few days--Prometric is working on those reports and will publish the scores as soon as they are able. We will not send a status e-mail, at this point, since the scores are 99% in customer hands now.  

<November 13, 2007> VUE had a problem with their 71-649 scoring (I obviously don't need to tell you that). What some of you have already heard is correct, they plan to complete the scoring today, then it is up to 48 hours for them to publish their scores, then more time for that data to come back to us to update your transcripts. Please note that this is the PLAN. Actual timing we'll see, hopefully it will happen as planned. Know that it is being worked on, it is not just languishing somewhere. That's crap, I know, sorry.

If service centers are telling you to talk to Microsoft, that is not the case. Your final scores originate with VUE or Prometric, they publish them or send them, and feed the data back to us where it will show up in your transcripts. Sometimes, they would point to MIcrosoft if we are the hold up in providing the scoring model, or if there is a problem with an individual result that we need to look at, etc. But as a rule, the exam delivery partner is where to go for beta results.

i'm sorry you guys are getting the run around from our service centers, and the VUE and/or Prometric centers. There is a lot of back and forth between MSFT and VUE/Prometric for each beta, so on any given day it could be in our hands or theirs. It takes at least a few days for information from us (in headquarters) to disseminate out through many different companies in many different countries in different languages to reach the people answering your calls at the helpdesks, so an up to the day status on changing beta results is not realistic. What they should be clear on is the process, major issues (like this delay) and how to escalate for help. Or maybe we need to have a dedicated e-mail address for beta-related queries or something (besides mine...) that will work.

RE: exams showing on transcripts but not certificates, I hear you. Looking for the answer.

<Captain's Log, November 29, 2007> This is hopefully my wrap up mail, confirming everything is done, right? Everyone should have their results. Check your transcript and VUE/Prometric reports. There were bugs with a handful of Prometric reports; Prometric has contacted any of those affected. If you do not have a Pass/Fail showing on your MSFT transcript or exam partner transcript, and have NOT been contacted by MSFT or Prometric, please send me an e-mail with your MCP ID, test center name, and date you took the exam. I sincerely hope I do not hear from you. Even though I like you.

If you would like your 40% upgrade savings code, "a reliable, rosy-cheeked, kind-of-tired-after-the-weekend source close to the team" tells me you should get a notice about that tomorrow.