How to tell if your project is embedded

Sometimes, peeps are working on systems or projects that are embedded, but they don't know it. Embedded devices or systems, in short, are devices or systems that pretty much just do one thing. Other tips that you might be making an embedded solution would be: it has to work in crappy conditions like really cold or rainy or whatever; it doesn't have an interface or a mouse, maybe; small footprint; it's hard to get to; stuff like that.

The reasons you should care whether your project is technically an 'embedded project' or not are: 

  1. You might be doing more work than you have to. Windows Embedded software is configured specially for embedded scenarios, so we might have done some of the work for you already. And/or
  2. You might not be using the most efficient licensing model (i.e. you might be throwing your money away, like our friends Lil' Wayne and T-Pain, to the pleasant surprise of a bunch of ridiculously busty bank tellers)

My friend at work organized these two sessions, with the help of our partner Adeneo, to help you figure out if you're working on an embedded solution and you didn't even know it. Two sessions on May 28.

I think we're doing a separate session to address people who might be a poet, and didn't even know it.