I just made a friend.

Did I tell you I sometimes work from an office in Seattle? It's nice, I don't have to go to Redmond and Microsoft has this drop-in space where you can just show up. I love it! There are tony booths and nice lighting, soda to be had; buildings out the window, corner coffee shops and everything. The neighborhood it's in is called South Lake Union, just a few blocks from the middle of downtown. If you don't want to walk, there is a little trolley that goes right in front of this office, the South Lake Union Trolley (you do the math).

The only downside is that you don't have any friends at the South Lake Union office. Everyone sits in their booth, silently sipping soda, being dedicated. I usually don't smile at anyone, for fear of exposing how less dedicated I am. This morning, though, I had an unexpected and very pleasant exchange with one of the regulars! Along these lines:

"How was your thanksgiving?"

    "Good, thanks. You?"

         "Great, thanks."


Oh, don't mind me and my best friend in South Lake Union, palling around all day!


Maybe next week, if I see my friend again, I'll really open up.
Maybe a comment about the weather.