Yeah, OK, so Trika told you about this already, but I thought I'd come back here personally to let you all know, if you didn’t already, that the Master Program application link is live! We opened the door, as promised this Tuesday and have had a great response already.

This seems a good a time as any to give a few more details regarding the application process. In general, there are 3 steps:

1. Submit application

2. Submit documentation

3. Pick you session and pay


Step 1: what you need to make doubly sure of here is that all of the pre-requisite exams listed on our program site, and again in the application, currently show on your transcripts! If they do not show at this time – don’t submit. If you submit anyway, you have successfully thrown away $125 L and you will need to start over and pay again.


After this is validated (usually within 24 hours) you will receive a mail instructing you to upload the requested documents on our program site.


Step 2: Submit documentation. I’ve talked about the need to submit a resume before and we’ve added two additional document requirements. What you will need to submit in this step is:


1. Resume / CV - yeah, one of those

2. Project overview document from a recent project - One single page document describing a recent project in which you have been involved. This document should detail the project outline and goals, your role on the project, what you were responsible for delivering and any other information you feel best demonstrates your expertise. The focus of the document should be your contribution to the project, not simply a description of the project. Note: we’ll be providing some ‘good’ and ‘bad’ samples of these overviews on that site within the next week or so to help get that point across even better.

3. Project deliverable document from this project - One sanitized document you have authored demonstrating your deep knowledge of the products and technologies of the Program you are applying for. This document must be in English and must not contain sensitive customer details. Examples of project documentation are: architecture overview document, implementation plans, migration plans, summary of risk/environment assessment, root cause analysis document from a troubleshooting engagement


After you upload your documents, you indicate that they’re ready for review at which point our program leads will take a look. They may want to contact you if they feel they need clarification. Ideally, you’re available for that potential follow up over the next 5 business days.


Speaking of which: within 5 business you should hear the results of that document review. If it’s a go, we’re on to the next step.


Step 3: Time to pick out your exact training dates and pay the program fees.


That’s pretty much it!


Let me know if you have any questions and we hope to see you soon.