More IT Forum Restroom News: Ladies in the Mens

One of my MSL co-horts, Matt Carter (afore-mentioned guy in charge of working with product groups to align the training and certifications we develop with release of technologies...) was telling me yesterday that he, too, had a surprising restroom experience (see my earlier post), wherein a lady came out of the men's room. It turns out, there could be good reason for this:

The conference center had to repurpose most of the women's rooms to accomodate the huge skew toward male attendees, so they had to find lots of mens' restroom signs to put over the ladies' signs. It turns out they don't all match, so some of the impromptu men's signs might look like ladies wearing pants. Having said that, I accidentally used the men's room at a restaurant last night, very clearly signed and in another part of town where no restrooms were repurposed. I still blame the conference center.