Oh, dear. I’ve got some news.

This is the news: I have decided that I am going to do another job at Microsoft, so I won’t be your certification front-man anymore. This is not a particularly big deal for Microsoft, or Microsoft Learning, or for you. But it is for me! I will miss this job a lot.

That is because I have one of the best jobs ever, here in Microsoft Learning. There are all sorts of interesting and challenging and good parts of my job, but this blog—a side thing I started at the hounding of my manager Deborah—and talking to you guys at events and in live meetings, have turned out to be my favorite bits, because of how fun you are. For a while I didn’t really think real people were reading this, like it was a fluke when someone would comment. But now I do! I think you’re reading this.

Raise your hand if you’re reading this.

Surressly. Raise a paw.

My new job—doing something in the windows embedded group, i'll tell you more about it later—should be cool, and I’m excited about it. But, clearly, I won’t be talking about certification anymore, and I won’t be able to answer your certification questions. That makes me sad, because I like certification, and I like you, and your questions.

In any case, Microsoft Learning will continue to be great, with all the people who do the work around here. The team of people who design and make our certifications are still here, I love them. They are smart, and care a lot. The people who are working on anti-piracy, and marketing offers like Second Shot, and awesome things like performance-based testing, training kits and books, and courses, and your program, your welcome kits, are still here. These are great people, MCPeeps. I'm proud to have worked on the certification program, and with these people. I'll miss them, too.

So, that’s my news.

You can put your paw down, now. I seen it.

I will keep this blog, I think, but when I leave, I’m not sure what I’ll have to say, if I can't say it to you, with your little wallet cards and exam numbers, panty-bunching and freak outs. I think you are resourceful, warm, straightforward, and fair with your feedback--good or bad, MCPs. I'll miss you!

I will add more tomorrow about all this. But I wanted to tell you my news.

Until then, I remain,
Your friend,

SNV31780OT: Here is a picture of a wombat sitting by the road in Australia.