Pre-TechEd Highlights: Spanish NASCAR and tipping with Vista

my two favorite things about being in Barcelona for TechEd are as follows. 

1. yesterday we took a train out to Circuit de Catalunya to have a beer and watch some auto racing. before we even entered the stands or could see the cars, i was eyeing the Circuit de Catalunya merchandise... a Spanish NASCAR t-shirt seems superior, souvenir-wise, to a paella pot.

2. Last night we attended a dinner organized by Ron Beekelaar, one of the Microsoft Certified Trainers here for TechEd. Drinks at a place called Smar at Port Olympic, then dinner at La Fonda. Probably 40+ trainers and a handful of Microsoft peeps. A few noteworthy points: I lost a bet about the upgrade path from MCDBA to MCITP (Fermin was right with 431 and 447) and our waiters were lobbying heavily for a copy of Vista in lieu of a tip...