360 Elite, Eh?

We announced what appears to have been the world's worst-kept gaming secret!

From my perspective (as an Australian owner of a White Xbox for the last year), I'm not fussed; HDMI is non-present on my current monitor, and I'm quite happy with the VGA cable. Not as happy with the 50hz PAL problem on backwards compatible games, but if HDMI ain't an option anyway...

It costs about the same amount more as the drive costs, so HDMI looks like the fundamental improvement here:

  • Elite┬ácost $US479
  • Premium $US399
  • Core $US299

Sooo... looks like I'll just upgrade the drive on my trusty white box at some point. Then again, there's no movie store here, so... hopefully we'll be guinea pigs for IPTV instead? :)