Doctor Who and Dirk Gently

I was browsing through the Doctor Who site, inspired because ABC (Australia) are working through all the episodes 4 nights a week at the moment; we're in the Tom Baker years.

Douglas Adams was a script editor and author during this period, but the mention of this unfinished story grabbed me with the details: I ran across a mention of Shada in the plot guide for The Five Doctors, and it rang a glockenspiel-full of bells.

A professor Chronotis, at St Cedd's in Cambridge, you say? Reg, an elderly time lord, you say? A room that seems able to appear midway up a sofa-retentive staircase...?

Puts a whole new spin on Dirk Gently's as a Doctor Who novel. Sort of. A bit.

Anyway, I really enjoyed both Dirk novels the first time through, and will enjoy reading them again. I love that about Adams' work - you forget all the subtle little bits that make it not just funny, but downright weird. Increases replay value, as they say in the Games Biz.

(As usual, I did the web searching after the post, and everyone already put this together a million times - plus the City of Death plotline that I hadn't yet stumbled across - but hey, it's new for me, and you're welcome to suffer vicariously through me).