First Impressions of Visual C# Express: Wow!

I downloaded Visual C# 2005 Express (beta) and installed it yesterday, but didn't have much time to fiddle, until today. I've spent about 20 minutes with it so far.


Before I get to the good, the ordinary:


The “has it hung? What's wrong” part of the installation. Yes, it seemed to have hung, no, nothing was wrong, but I was waiting for a Joint Operations game, which got pushed back by 20 minutes... Luckily, I remembered Sam Gentile's post on the problem as my finger was hovering over End Task...


With that out of the way, I'm greatly impressed with:

  • the overall presentation (“cleanliness”?) of the interface
  • the speed and responsiveness of the IDE
  • the responsiveness of the Windows Forms applications I've tried recompiling in it so far
  • the debugging popups that show you the data in the same window you're reading the code from. No hunting through + lists of objects!

That's a pretty good list for a beta product. I can't wait to see the full Visual Studio 2005 beta. Kudos to the VS Team!