Haushaltung. (also: Hey, Nvidia!)

(Blame Altavista for the translation - I was looking for "housekeeping" rather than "house brought to a standstill").

First up - if you've posted a comment recently, and it's been eaten, moderated or otherwise lost, I abjectly apologize. I've run through a few pages and discovered moderated comments, which I don't seem to be notified about any more. If I was, I missed it, so again, sorry.

For those folk interested in that job (there may be more than one position open, by the way), best way to get into the system is to email with your CV, noting you're interested in a Support Professional role with the Platforms team. Mention my blog for a 10% discount*.

Next up: Nvidia - I have been wanting to give you money for about two months now. That's right, I want to give you money to unlock the DVD decoder that expired, oh, about 30 days ago, after its 30 day trial. However, your store is still due back in one month, as it has been every time I've checked. Please, for me, just shoot whomever is responsible, put the old site back for the time being, and let me give you my money.

While I'm at it, the icon pictured at left - created by the DVD decoder setup - didn't work properly. The path to Explorer.exe was wrong, and the long filename didn't have double-quotes around it.

The decoder seems pretty good, otherwise I'd have given up long ago. Right now, I'm working through all the other vendors' trial versions, desperately trying to buy time for my Media Center until your store relaunches.

Next time, I'd appreciate a countdown timer, to give the project team a sense of urgency. Thanks, that's all for now.