Hotmail Aliases

The Hotmail team blogged about email aliases earlier this year – I didn’t know either technique was available, so thought I’d republish the ADHD version here.

Ultra-short version: You can add a tag (essentially) to your hotmail email address and use Sweep (mail rules) to manage emails to that address, or you can create a full-blown additional email address.


Let’s say your email was preposterousexample (Aside: why and not Cos I don’t want anyone getting spammed when a bot reads this post)

Plus-sign-based Email Address Uniquification

See the Hotmail feature docs for more details.

Actual aliasing – adding email addresses

Hotmail allow 5 aliases to be created each year (to a max of 15) – essentially, new, linked email addresses.

So the person getting this one would have no clue it’s in any way related to your preposterousexample address.

Nice. Not sure how I’ll use it yet. Possibly forgreatevil(