Mental Note: Serenity Party Friday

I bought the Firefly DVD set a week ago, and my girlfriend and I chewed through them in three nights flat. I'm typically quite critical when it comes to TV shows, but Firefly won me instantly with its charm, intelligence, character and the fact that there was no sound in space (that's not to say that the physics etc are perfect, but boy, did they ever try). The series visual effects still look better than most CG done today, and they were done three years ago. It's amazing. It's compelling. I love it.

This Thursday night, Serenity opens in cinemas nationally, and I can't wait. Well, I can perhaps wait until Friday night, and try to book a Gold Class session with as many warm bodies as I can drag in. If it's good, I imagine I'll be watching it again shortly thereafter too...

If you haven't seen the series, go get it on DVD - whether the movie is any good, the series is fantastic (and very reasonably priced - $38 AUD in JB HiFi for all 14 episodes).

After the good-but-only-so-good Revenge of the Sith, it's the movie I'm pinning my "Sci Fi Movie of the Year" hopes on. Should be something very special. Shiny.