My First Smartphone

Embracing the Christmas Spirit, I figured I'd get an i-mate SP3i from Telstra.

So far, I'm pretty impressed with it. I've sent a couple of blogs to my Spaces site via Activesync over GPRS, including photos (yep, my first camera phone). The quality of the photos is Good Enough for my blogging purposes (and better with stronger light), so if my girlfriend wants high quality photographe, she can bring the Real Camera...

I've been fiddling about with it, trying to get non-MID (I hate polyphonic!) ringtones onto it, and as it turns out it's really easy - just plonk the WMA in the Storage\Application Data\Sounds folder, and there they are! W00t!

Now I just need that 256MB Mini-SD card to arrive so I can use it as my portable music player... come on... come on...

Um, I was just trying to work out how to take a photo of the phone using the phone. Time for bed.

Update: OK, chasing down and chopping up audio to make ring tones meant bed was a silly dream until now.

I'd been getting the message something like "unable to connect using your default connection, would you like to try pass-through?" very often when attached to the PC via USB, and it was driving me up the wall. Nickmac pointed me to one set of options, and the other is on the PC in ActiveSync Settings, on the Options -> Schedule tab, under the "Server Schedule" heading. I generally don't want the phone to try to server sync when cable-connected (only Desktop sync, thanks), so I set that to Manually, and I haven't been promped since.