Netmon 3, Now With Added Blogging!*

Though it might technically be possible, it's probably quite difficult ("quite" in the "very" sense) to blog from Netmon.

Doesn't stop us rolling out the most significant new version in, oh, years, and the Netmon team have started a blog with tips and things for the new version.

It's a ground-up rewrite, it's all new, and it's the first version (er, of the third version), so it's still rough in places, but getting better all the time. And live capture viewing FTW!

So, go check them out. Netmon3 can be beta'd using (Note that you're looking for Network Monitor 3.0" rather than "Netmon") There's an X64 flavour as well, making life easier than the Netcap + Ethereal combination I've been using...