Office 2007 Ultimate, $AUD75!? Yes, That's Cheaper Than I Can Get It!

Back in the day, software used to be quite cheap around here for employees.

Then, due to a confluence of unfortunate factors, all involving complicated acronyms (like FBT), Aussie 'softies started paying what could be politely described as unspectacular rates for personal copies of Microsoft software.

This has led to uncomfortable barbequeue moments, like "so can you get me a cheap copy of Windows/Exchange Server/Office/Backoffice/everything you've ever produced?" - "no", and "I want an Xbox", "so do I". All understandable, but also something I've been unable to do anything about. (Except buy a 360 at retail and imply I didn't, for gloating purposes*).

But, and you've probably guessed where I'm going with this, now there's a way to buy Office 2007. Ultimate. And apparently, it's not cheating.

If you're enrolled in a qualifying University or TAFE college (and have a valid email there - see the offer details), you can get a fully-blown legitimate copy of Office 2007 Ultimate, for 75 buckaroos.

No kidding. I'm told it's definitely not surplus copies of Office 97 being unloaded at bargain basement rates - this is the latest and greatest, full packaged product.

OneNote, on its own, would be worth 75 bucks to me. I don't understand how we're doing this! It's crazy! Crazy, I tell you! Throw in Word and Excel and Outlook and Access and PowerPoint and, um, those other things, and it's just insane! They're crazy! Fire them! No, really, as a shareholder (5 stock, he said proudly!) I demand that you fire them!

That's so much cheaper than I can get it. So much. Except when my Uni enrolment comes through!

I'm told this is pretty much common knowledge in the blogosphere - but hey, I naturally filter marketing-looking posts, so I was surprised, and when I told other people, they were surprised, and told me I was *fibbing* (to put it politely). Well, nuh-uh, I showed them. Or you, more specifically.

If you're still reading, please stop, I've got nothing more to give. Just go buy a cheap copy of Office.

kthxbye! Hugs!


* - Look, most of the above is pure fabrication for the purpose of good* storytelling; assume that any quip or comment is completely false, but that the 75 buck offer is actually legit.