Oh, it's the 29th!

Which means I was going to go buy GTA IV today!

GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas absolutely blew me away with the quality of the narrative and distinctive and unique open worlds. Best of all, guilty pleasures all in a consequence-free environment! I mean, I could jump buildings on a motorcycle! I can't do that in real life!

GTA IV, though, apparently got edited to appease the crazy "games are not for adults" censorship laws we have here in Oz.

I trust Rockstar to have produced the best story, characters and content possible, and while I'm sure it'll be great anyway, I'll have no idea what I'm missing out on.

And unfortunately if I buy a console version, I'm almost certainly not going to be able to mod it back to its original state later.

At least noises are being made about rescinding this sad, inexplicable state of affairs.

Might pick up a copy from Europe...