Problems With Other Browsers?

Thanks to Eric TF Bat who dropped me a comment:

There's an issue with this blog on standards-compliant browsers; the right-hand navbar seems to be making the central text area go haywire. Check it out in Firefox to see the effect. It's probably a side-effect of only testing the site in a non-standard browser, tho that's just a wild guess. Drop me a line at [removed] if you'd like some help figuring it out; it's what I do, and I don't want you thinking all IE-haters are useless...

Looks like it's just Firefox/Moz; IE works fine, and Opera renders it correctly. I didn't actually test the layout in anything other than IE (Maxthon to be precise, but it's all the same...).

Ta for the note, I'll play with it later (time permitting).