RSS Feeds Ain't Yet Prevalent Enough (so I made my own)

[Note: the new master article for the feeds is here. Check there first!]

And there's nothing like the tiny dose of repetitive strain injury caused by having to click through a few sites daily - just looking for updates - to spur you into action.

Built from the tattered skeleton of my last foray into the dark and wretched existence of late night Internet scripting (see: experiments with Xmlhttp and Winhttp), I dissected a page or two, and present for my personal amusement my own little driver feeds:

The Nvidia X64 Drivers RSS Feed (one item for Graphics, one for Nforce4 AMD Platform Drivers) - just in time for an imagined-and-really-really-hoped-for Battlefield 2 driver drop.

Because it was easy to fiddle the existing script: the x86 32-bit version (all the interesting stuff I could spot - the filename convention changes at one point, so the NF4AMD one might not work reliably).

And the only faintly ironic Nvidia DVD Decoder Store Feed  .

Neither of which has been updated in a while, though the deranged statistician in me wants to say that that makes each passing minute more likely to contain an update.

At the end of this week, I'm going on holiday to Canadia, to play with some crazy Canadans, so don't expect 24/7-nine-nines-gleaming-teeth-and-smiles-from-execs-in-grey-pressed-suits uptime from the feeds, but feel free to use them as a convenience, by all means. The script runs every 4 hours, and the RSS TTL is 6 hours, so, well, generally, it should be OK.

It is entirely likely that the dodgy scripts behind them (hint: it uses a lot of InStr()) will produce utterly meaningless content once the URLs they gather information from change, so in the case of these particular feeds, please consider a break a sign that something new and different may has been published, and go and look for it.

[Update, June 23, 2am] Added PunkBuster clients to the list; Battlefield 2 makes me yearn for some good solid Joint Operations action, for which the PB client update for X64 is due "soon".

[Update, June 24, 2am] Moved most of this into a new master article (it takes a while for me to work out whether something's a good idea). Check there for any updates In The Future (er, I know, there are these things called "RSS Feeds" that provide updates without you manually checking, but, oh, it's late).