Sir William, I cannot wait until lunch time.

WARNING: Low-content lint collection post.

I've finally run around fixing all the broken bits of the blog's front window, so hopefully the old neighbourhood will follow my example, and won't continue its inevitable spiral towards doom and disfigurement.

"Colour management" (note to reader: please infer a sneering, sarcastic tone) reared its ugly head again. There is nothing that annoys me more*.

As a Graphic Design drop out (tip: you can kinda spot that from the number of people reading the RSS only version), I've probably spent, oh, several hours throughout my life trying to deal with the vagaries of "helpful" colour matching schemes.

Example: I try to make little buttony things that don't have a transparency layer, so I just try to match the background colour. I do so using a screenshot-and-paste system. Nice and straightforward. But between Expression, Firefox, the clipboard and IE, nothing agrees on what colour is actually what. So I end up with my little buttons being just a little mismatched from them all.

It was 11:30 when I'd finished, but I didn't Actually Finish (Note The Capitals There) until 12:15.

For those of you that sent your kind messages of hate and side-splitting schadenfreude about the only-slightly-destroyed-but-it's-funny-how-that's-enough motherboard situation: I'd respond, but I don't think it's necessarily appropriate to use gamer acronyms in global forums.

Love to all. Kthxbye.


PS also hate Ctrl-K being "Close all tabs" in Maxthon. And Ctrl-I being Favourites.