Surface Go: Fonts look a little heavy? Don't forget ClearType tuning!

The title kinda says it all.

If you, like me, are the owner of a brand-new Surface Go, but also own another Surface Pro, you might find that the font weight is a little heavy by default when switching between side-by-side devices.

To fix that, just hit Start, type ClearType (OK, "Clear" is often enough) and run the ClearType text tuner. Then squint and/or answer honestly :)

It's not something everyone needs to do - my Mum doesn't have competing devices on a day-to-day basis - but it's worthwhile to do the "ClearType eye test" for whatever eye-distance at which you actually use your new Surface buddy!


(This post brought to you by someone that noticed BGR on my RGB display while reading this!) Hint: Ctrl+Win+= zooms in Magnifier, and Ctrl+Win+- zooms out again... No extra software needed...