Useful Utilities for SendTo #1871615

Yeah, I know, it's been a while. Sorry. Busy.

Anyway, the topic du jour: getting command line utilities to run from SendTo. Yes, I take all credit for inventing this method. Naturally, after writing this, I checked out "sdelete sendto" and someone else had done a batch file that can handle multiple files at once (this just does a file or folder and all subdirectories), but I still take all credit for it.

Setting up Secure Delete for quick and easy multi-pass local file deletion.

  1. Grab Sdelete from

  2. Extract the EXE file somewhere. Remember where. (arguably a subtle, but important step)

  3. Navigate to your %userprofile%\SendTo folder (Start, Run, %userprofile%\SendTo )

  4. Create a new shortcut to the Sdelete executable. (Right-click, new, shortcut)

  5. Modify the shortcut's Target line to include -p 7 -s (use 7 deletion passes (increment or decrement according to level of paranoia), and delete subdirectories too)

  6. As the robots say: Voila, human! You now have a secure deletion utility only a right-click away!

Also in my SendTo: Notepad and a Foldershare folder. At home, a strain of Unrar too.