We Are To Afflict Nuisance / We Are Impairment Praying Carrots

A beauty of a dialog over at the always-lolfworthy Daily WTF:

We are to afflict nuisance which you east cause, but the program met an error. We would like, for a support more effective than you send the report/ratio of error we will correct the program within shortest time!

[To cancel] [Send error]

It's just under the Hydrogen dioxide (? HO2?) car ad. Boy, I'd love to get that text into Windows Vista's error reporting! :) Could this be the All Your Base of error messages? I think so!

Round trips via Babelfish:


We are impairment praying carrots, which you met an east cause, but the program a disturbance. We would like, because a support, which is more effective, than you send report/ratio the disturbance, which we repair the program within the shortest time!

(I *swear* I didn't type anything about carrots. But lol!)


We you met to the cause and the program mistake the east, but annoyance should suffer. We like rather than sending report/ratio of the mistake which corrects the program during brief we, because effective support!


We must afflict nuisance you eastern reason, but to program they met error. We wanted would be, because support more effective than you send report/ratio errors, we is which let us correct program in the limits of korotkiya period!

And that's where my inclination to keep going ran out. French was interestingly the most similar.