Yeah, I Have The Blog Sausage

(It's like a talking stick, but it's for blogging. And it's a sausage.)


But I'm spending 140% of my time learning about new stuff, so I'm bound to be a little bit quiet for a while.


So, rather than expand on any of them, here's a batch of things I'm thinking/annoyed/curious about right now, and will have lost interest in by my next post:

  • Email Distribution Lists: I dislike them. I'd like to be able to catch up on all non-critical email at set times, while not missing emails sent directly to me. RSS for Email, if you will.
  • The Comet Effect: There's a mass made of digitally stored information created by me on my PC. Files, music, settings, scripts, stuff. As I move from computer to computer, upgrade to upgrade, stuff gets lost, like a comet's tail. The bulk is retained intact, but little bits fly off behind me. I miss those little bits. Perhaps one day they'll smash into the Earth unless Bruce Willis can drill through them.
  • King Kong was a really good movie. The three hour life tax initially put me off, but from about ten minutes in, I wasn't bored at all. No loo breaks.
  • It Scales Too Much In Pen Mode, But I Hate Mouse Mode: I stumbled across the option to switch from mouse to pen mode using the stylus button on my teeny Wacom tablet... After ordering a larger replacement. While explaining to someone why it's great, but I need a bigger one because I can't draw detail unless... Ah. Damn.
  • Virtual Server's Great But... I tend to use Virtual PC for my day job, simply because of the copy and paste support. Drag and drop of files is also good. Doesn't run on X64 though, which has become crippling enough to my average workday that I've only installed the 32 bit version of Windows XP on my 6GB X64-preinstalled Precision 670, just so I can use Virtual PC. I feel dirty. Might re-think that and go Server (32-bit), but it doesn't make me any cleaner.
  • Patrik Wanted To Know About MTP under X64: MTP support is in Windows Media Player 10 (can I call it WiMP?) under XP X64 - you just won't see your MP3/WMA/Whatever player through the 64-bit Explorer. Use a 32-bit Explorer (or instance of IE, or Control Panel -> 32 bit Control Panel) and you'll see the device.
  • PDA: I want an OQO model 01+. Or I would, if it had a built-in phone as well.

Um, think that's me up to date. Blog Sausage relinquished.


Update: Blog Chipolatas

  • Can't get the Windows Vista December CTP's DPI settings to stick to 120dpi on the Latitude D600. It worked using Standard VGA, but not using the RADEON 9000 Series driver I forced on from the supplied set. The UI looked quite iffy at the higher res anyway (wonder if Glass helps with the scaling on icons, but bits of various windows were showing through where they shouldn't too...).

  • The new motherboard has been ordered, and the chipset fan is a heat sink. That'll teach me.

  • IE7 in Dec CTP - I wish that a new tab opened next to the one I'm using, but I can't find the option if it's there.