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Biztalk Server

Egyptian Ministry of Health Manages Hospital Performance to Improve Healthcare

Netherlands-Based Ornamental Plant Industry Creates Supply Chain Monitoring System

Heavy-Equipment Dealership Uses ERP Solution to Drive Growth and Boost Profitability

Case Studies

Microsoft Internet Information Server

Web Farm Framework 2.0 beta released!

Last week my team released a super powerful update to our Web Farm Framework project aimed at dramatically simplifying the complexity of managing a Web farm (many computers running one or more Web sites). Web Farm Framework 2.0 (WFF) allows users...

SharePoint Technologies

SharePoint 2010 Products: Upgrade and the Fabulous 40 Application Templates

Microsoft is not releasing new versions of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 application templates for SharePoint 2010 Products. In addition, .stp files are deprecated and can't be used to create new sites when you upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010. Read this blog post for more information.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit v1.0

The Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 Administration Toolkit contains functionality to help administer and manage Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation 2010 and Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010.

Virtual Migration Environment (VME) for Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Virtual Environment which enables Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 and Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customers to migrate to 2010 versions of the respective products.

SharePoint 2010 Advanced IT Professional Training

For IT professionals, SharePoint 2010 offers enhancements to drive productivity, a scalable unified infrastructure, and flexible deployment. SharePoint 2010 Advanced IT Professional Training is a deep technical learning series for current SharePoint professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills to SharePoint 2010. If you have taken the SharePoint Ignite training, this will look VERY familiar!

Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010

The Patterns and Practices Team have published their new guidance around developing custom applications for SharePoint 2010.

Installing KB938444

The Product Groups have been tracking a small number of customers that have experienced issues after installing KB938444 through Windows Update. After the reboot at the end of installation there has been reports of Windows SharePoint Services sites and Central Administration being inaccessible with the error, “HTTP 404”, “Server Error: …” or “Cannot connect to the configuration database”.


Microsoft Internet Information Server


This is your single source for finding Microsoft Internet Information Services tools, samples, extensions, filters and modules created by Microsoft and the IIS community.

SharePoint Technologies

Reports and Subscriptions Solution - 27th August 2010

Sample files that show a scenario that uses Report Builder 3.0, SharePoint Server 2010, and Microsoft Excel 2010 together to create a reporting solution. The scenario features data analysis, rich report design, and flexible delivery of content.

Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocol Documentation - 27th August 2010

The Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies protocol documentation provides technical specifications for Microsoft proprietary protocols that are implemented and used in SharePoint Products and Technologies.

Incoming e-mail worksheet

Worksheet that helps you plan how to implement incoming e-mail for SharePoint 2010 Products

SharePoint 2010 Governance Planning - 24th August 2010

This white paper focuses on the “front end” of the SharePoint environment – the business aspect of governance - the areas that impact business users.

Governance model for SharePoint Server 2010 - 23rd August 2010

How to develop a governance plan for SharePoint Server 2010.

Office 2010 Developer Training Kit - 19th August 2010

Training kit that provides developers with collateral to get started quickly developing for Office 2010.

Guide for IT Pros for Office Web Apps - 18th August 2010

How to use Microsoft Office Web Apps on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products in an organization.

Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 - 18th August 2010

This guidance provides technical information about key areas of SharePoint 2010 application development. It contains a written guide, reference implementations with source code and documentation, and a library of reusable source code components.

Configuring Kerberos Authentication for SharePoint 2010 Products - 17th August 2010

Describes concepts of identity in SharePoint 2010 Products, Kerberos authentication, and how to use it in various scenarios.

Risk and Health Assessment Program for Microsoft SharePoint Server (SPRAP) – Scoping Tool v2.5 - 18th August 2010

This download package is intended for Microsoft Premier Customers Only. This package includes all of the scoping tools necessary to prepare and qualify your environment to receive a Risk and Health Assessment Program for Microsoft SharePoint Server (SPRAP).

Content Deployment in SharePoint Server 2010 - 12th August

This model describes the content deployment feature in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Deployment guide for SharePoint Server 2010 - 6th August

Deployment instructions for SharePoint Server 2010.

Forefront Protection Server Script Kit - 4th August

The Microsoft® Forefront® Protection Server Script Kit provides multi-server management for Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server and Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint®.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and SharePoint Server 2010 --Better Together - 3rd August

This white paper describes the benefits of deploying Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010 on the Windows Server® 2008 R2 Enterprise operating system and scenarios in which the features of Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise can be applied.

How to protect SharePoint with DPM 2010 - 3rd August

Whitepaper on why and how to protect SharePoint data with DPM 2010

Productivity Hub 2010 - 2nd August

The Productivity Hub is a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 site collection that offers training materials for end-users.


Biztalk Server

MSDN Webcast: Unlock Mainframe Assets Using SharePoint and BizTalk Host Integration Server (Level 300)

For many companies, there are strong business imperatives to take advantage of past IT investments. Nowhere is this more applicable than in unlocking the enormous corporate value bound up in mainframes. To effectively use mainframe resources for increased value, mainframe-based technology, applications, and information stores need to be integrated with other IT systems and distributed to a much broader user base. In this webcast, we demonstrate how easy it is to access mainframe information in Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies using Microsoft BizTalk Host Integration Server (HIS). Presenter: Paul Larsen, Principal Product Unit Manager, Microsoft Corporation View other sessions from Business Process Integration: Integrate Workflow, Messaging, and Services If you have questions or feedback, contact us. ...

SharePoint Technologies

How Microsoft IT Enables Office Web Applications in SharePoint 2010

Microsoft recently deployed Office Web Application feature of SharePoint 2010, a new web based productivity offering in Microsoft Office 2010 suite, to its users. Watch as two engineers from Microsoft IT discuss that it was done.

There are always lots of great videos for SharePoint on both Channel9 ( and The Edge (

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011

The conference is being held from the 3rd to 6th of October 2011 in Anaheim, California.

New KB's

Biztalk Server

FIX: Importing an .msi file may take a very long time or you may get a "Timeout expired" error

Event ID 5754 occurs when you try to send a message to an IBM WebSphere MQ server by using an MQSeries adapter whose Transactions Support property is set to “Yes”

List of Microsoft BizTalk Server hotfixes that are included in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Service Pack 1

FIX: A file is not removed from an FTP location when you use BizTalk Server 2006 R2

FIX: Resource artifacts may take very long time to load in BizTalk Server 2009 Administration Console

FIX: The SWIFT_NetworkRule267_Policy policy rejects MT535 messages when you use Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT 2009 Message Pack in BizTalk Server 2009

FIX: The SWIFT_NetworkRule267_Policy policy validates MT535 messages incorrectly when you use Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT 2009 Message Pack in BizTalk Server 2006 R2, BizTalk Server 2006, and BizTalk Server 2004

BizTalk Server sends back an incorrect EDIFACT CONTRL acknowledgement to a trading partner

FIX: You cannot use a dynamic port to process some XmlDocument messages that do not have type definitions in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 SP1

Migration /Upgrade from older versions of SNA and or HIS

Assisting customers in the setup and configuration of Transaction Integrator Proof of Concept samples

Host Printing Performance and Formatting

FIX: You cannot use Microsoft BizTalk Adapter 3.0 for Oracle Database to return LONG RAW data types from an Oracle server

Service Pack and Cumulative Update list for BizTalk Server 2006 R2

Microsoft Internet Information Server

Some services are preloaded unexpectedly when you start a website that contains multiple applications in IIS 7.5

Problems with SQL Server Express user instancing and Web Application Projects

Internet Information Services 6.0 may not function correctly after installing KB973917

Configuring Many-to-One Client Certificate Mappings for Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 and 7.5

You receive the "Bugcheck 0x7E in HTTP!UxBinaryToBase64" Stop error message in Windows Server 2008

Browsing to static content returns a blank page or HTTP 500 Server Error message in Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 and 7.5

The IIS Manager on an x64 IIS web server only modifies configuration files in the x64 .NET Framework folder.

Error ""An unspecified error has occurred. Your request cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later. (0x8007000D)" when activating Office 2010

ASP response buffer settings not honored in IIS 7.0 and IIS 7.5

Custom HTTP headers are inherited from a website after running aspnet_regiis.exe on Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0

The cursor appears at different location than where text is displayed while typing in Word and OneNote Web editors in SkyDrive

FIX: A Web browser cannot display an ASP page of a web server that is running IIS 7.0 when the response is very large

FIX: IISCertObj methods fail on a computer that is running Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5

A "200" HTTP status code is incorrectly logged in the IIS log when a partial content client request succeeds in IIS 7.5 in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2

A memory leak occurs in the Rhs.exe process when you configure IIS 7.0 World Wide Web Publishing Service in a Windows Server 2008 failover cluster

FIX: A PHP application that depends on the REQUEST_URI server variable may fail when a request whose URL contains UTF-8 characters is sent to IIS 7.5

FIX: It takes a long time to add a new website in a shared hosting environment on a web server that is running IIS 7.0 or IIS 7.5

Description of the Office updates: July 13, 2010

SharePoint Technologies

SharePoint Server 2010

Only the first 200 resources can be displayed in the Resource Schedule drop-down list of a group calendar in SharePoint Server 2010 when you use the Visual Upgrade option to use the previous user interface

Unable to Perform a query on a One-Way trust Domains Scenario when an User from the trusted domain performs the query and the SSA Application Pool account is from the Trustee Domain

SharePoint 2010: "My Newsfeed" does not categorize the activities as Today, Yesterday and Earlier

"Connection not open" error when you close a LobSystemInstance object on a server that is running BCS in SharePoint Server 2010 or in SharePoint Foundation 2010

Manual manipulation of the SharePoint disk based BLOB cache folder hierarchy is unsupported

SharePoint Draft items not crawled

No new solution package is generated when you customize the Outlook view definition for a deployed BCS simple solution in a SharePoint Server 2010 environment

SharePoint 2010 - Configuring Adobe PDF iFilter 9 for 64-bit platforms

Error message when you try to overlay an Exchange calendar in a SharePoint page on a server that is running SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010: "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority"

Some images may not be displayed in a PowerPoint 2010 Presentation on a BlackBerry device

SharePoint Server 2007

Manual manipulation of the SharePoint disk based BLOB cache folder hierarchy is unsupported

SharePoint Draft items not crawled

Unable to see presence of users on a SharePoint website if they are not in a contact list

Description of the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package (coreserver-x-none.msp): July 27, 2010

"You must specify a value for this required field" error message when you save an attachment in an Office SharePoint Server 2007 list item

SQL Server is under a heavy load when you perform a profile import in Office SharePoint Server 2007

SharePoint - User prompted for credentials on first request after application pool restart on Windows Server 2008 when using NTLM

SharePoint Workflow InfoPath form template error “This form cannot be opened. It is not workflow enabled.” while loading the form

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - SharePoint workflow instances that contain an OnTaskCreated activity do not rehydrate or fail with an EventDeliveryFailedException