Changing times and changing companies

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost nine years ago that I started at Microsoft. It seems such a long time ago. During that time I have had the opportunity to be part of some amazing things. But like all things people change - me included! I have made the tough decision to leave Microsoft. It was hard to make the decision given the amount of respect that I have for the company, the people and the belief that they are doing some incredible work.

A couple of month’s back I started talking with a company called Kentico. They build a .NET based CMS system that immediately impressed me. The more I started talking to them the more impressed I became. They currently have 1600+ clients in over 80 countries. Pretty amazing! They are growing quickly in the US. They contribute a lot to the developer community. I have seen many companies that talk about it – but they actively do. Their site contains areas for user groups and they even offer free templates to support user groups.

I couldn’t be more excited to start officially after some vacation time with Kentico on October 19. It’s the right place for the next stage of my career. The company has a belief and passion in delivering a great product and this show clearly in the opportunities they are providing for .NET developers and their customers.

I will even have the opportunity to blog and speak again! My new blog will officially be located here. I hope that the followers of this blog will continue to read my posts, connect with me and provide feedback on the things that we can do better. Also, connect with me on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.