Jim Cramer likes iPod over Zune

This post isn't spam-related, but Microsoft-related.  I was watching Mad Money today and Cramer was giving his top 3 growth stock picks for 2007.  I very rarely buy stock picks after Cramer recommends them but I do listen to his reasoning because he does do his research.

Cramer's number 2 growth stock for 2007 is Apple.  He then brought out a Zune and said "Is there anybody out there who would buy a Zune over an iPod?  Come on!" His point was that even if the Zune were a better product, the digital music player was all about brand recognition.  Apple is a cool brand, Microsoft isn't.  End of story.

Ouch.  That hurt, but it's the truth.  Apple is cooler than we are (though in truth, Xbox and Zune do make us a little more cool... plus the fact that I work for the company helps us as well).  Cramer then got out a baseball bat and started smacking the Zune to pieces, only it didn't break.  At least our stuff is well-made.

By the way, I own shares in Apple.  Microsoft, too.  Woo-hoo!

Update: Apple announced the iPhone (how are they going to copyright that?) this past week.  The shares, in response, have hit a new 52-week high.  Man, do I love that company.

I've been saying for months Apple was going to release it.  My coworker who sits to my left disagreed with me.  Guess we know who was right about that one...