See User Account Control in Action

We created this video to show those who haven’t had a chance to try Windows Vista yet what User Account Control looks like and to demonstrate the benefits of running Windows as a standard user.


Start video.


This 12 minute video includes:

  • Introduction from Microsoft Security VP Mike Nash on the overall security improvement in Windows Vista.
  • Demonstrations from Windows Vista Security Director Austin Wilson that show the risks of running as an administrator, how UAC makes it easier on Vista, explanations on the different types of prompts, and a look at the progress we have made to reduce the number of prompts since the early beta versions.

To everyone who’s commented that it takes multiple prompts to delete a desktop shortcut, here’s proof that this will be changed in the RC1 build. (This is shown around the 11th minute of the video.)

We hope you enjoy this video and find it useful.

- The User Account Control Team