UAC Developer Screencasts

I’m Jeremy Mazner, Group Manager of the Windows Vista platform evangelism team (the same folks behind, we make sure early adopters of the Windows Vista platform have the information they need about UAC. While we most often work 1:1 with partners, we recently asked Ian Griffiths to record some short screencasts to share this information with the dev community at large. Check out How To: Tell Vista's UAC What Privilege Level Your App Requires (24 minutes, but worth it!) and How To: Use Vista's UAC Feature To Avoid Always Requiring Admin Rights (18 minutes) to see Ian walk through the code needed to embed a UAC manifest, and refactor an application so that the main executable runs as standard user, and calls an elevated COM object when it needs to do administrative tasks.

(And if you’re doing Windows Vista development, you might also enjoy How To: Use Vista's Power Management APIs to Be A Good Laptop Citizen and How-to: Query Vista Search From Your App)

- Jeremy

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