Adding users in bulk to Lync

OK. We don’t support WMI and now the WMI script for bulk user load doesn’t work for Lync clients. I haven’t tested this myself yet but appears that Jeff Fuillet has created a script for doing this with Lync. This tool provides the same type of functionality as LCSAddcontacts.

From ExPTA {blog}

The purpose of LyncAddContacts is to add the same contact groups and contacts to multiple users programmatically.  For example, you may want to import a contact group called "Company Contacts"  that contains contacts for everyone in the company.  Here's how it works:

  1. Create a template (source) user in Lync with the contact groups and contacts that you want to export.
  2. Run the LyncAddContacts tool to export the source user's contacts
  3. Run the LyncAddContacts tool again in import mode and target the user or OU that you want to import the contacts to.

For more information on the tool I would download from his blogsite. Great stuff Jeff. Thanks for recognizing the gap and providing a solution!!!!