Can you walk through all the video formats supported by Lync Server 2010?

I was asked this by a university in Virginia.


I found this useful matrix showing the supported video conferencing formats for Lync Server 2010.  The takeaway here is the first three formats are supported with multiparty video conferencing with up to 250 users per video conference and the HD 720p format is supported only with peer to peer (1 to 1) video conferencing. The 720p HD peer to peer video also works with federated Lync, OCS, or Windows Live or Live@edu users. There are plans to even to allow for Xbox360’s  popular Kinect video camera to join Lync video conferences via a software update.

CIF video format:



RT pano video format below:


Future is supposed to allow for Kinect video and content consumption with Lync. I can see this being useful in education with students consuming lectures via their Xbox in their dorm for example:


How does a multiparty video conference work with Lync?

I found this useful flow diagram showing Lync internal and external endpoints connecting to Lync’s AVMCU.



What type of machine do I need for CIF, VGA or HD video with Lync?

As you step up in video formats you also need to be sure your machine can handle the video processing. Here are the recommended guidelines for CPU needs:


1.5Ghz + Single Core for CIF video

Dual Core for VGA or with the Polycom CX5000 Panoramic

Quad Core for HD (720p)


How do I enable HD video support in Lync?

By default, Lync’s video mode per user is 640x480 VGA. On the Lync server side, an administrator has to enable 720p support globally or per site using the following cmdlet:

Set-CsMediaConfiguration –Identity:Global -MaxVideoRateAllowed HD720p15m

It should take place within 5 minutes or you can speed it up by restarting the Lync Front end service.


What type of HD video cams are available for Lync?

We just released a brand new HD camera supporting 1080p called the Microsoft LifeCam Studio which is also certified for Lync 2010.


Although Lync currently supports a maximum of 720p, the native 1080p sensor is more than twice as large as the 720p HD sensors on the market and lets more light in so people experience great video in virtually any lighting condition.

Other key features include:

· Lync Certified for true plug-and-play performance

· High-Fidelity microphone

· Autofocus

· High quality glass element lens for superior clarity

· 360-degree view range

· An elongated hood to help protect the lens from stray light

· Standard tripod mounting threads

Other Lync certified HD cameras are listed here:


Lync USB Devices Comparison Table