Lync 2010 worth the effort


Today I was reading an article by J. Peter Bruzzese at Infoworld.  The title of his article: Microsoft Lync 2010:Finally, a commnications server worth the effort.  Here is a link to the article

In this Peter talks about his first IM experience with Exchange 2000. And how it was pulled out in Exchange 2003.  He also comments that in Microsoft Tradition, the third time is the charm(I have to agree, go back to Windows 3.11, it was really better than 286 or Windows 3).

It is a great article about what it takes to setup Lync, that is now in Beta.   Have you downloaded the Beta of Lync 2010?  Why not?   When is your company planning on replacing your PBX?  Come on, you know you are at some point, you want to get rid of it. Lync 2010 with E-911 and location information is the first real software solution to replace you PBX.