Microsoft and Polycom teams up for Unified Communications

On August 9, 2010, Stuart Johnston wrote a nice article for Enterprise Networking Planet about the multi-year deal between Microsoft and Polycom.

There are quite a few customers who have been using Polycom technologies and solutions for many years for video and teleconferencing needs.  I have had many customers who asked about integrating those existing solutions with Office Communications Server 2007 R2.  Some integrate well and others not so well.  With the capabilities and price point of the Microsoft Roundtable, customers were starting to utilize this new device for video conferences.  The demand was so high for these devices that we decided to partner with Polycom to manufacture and distribute the Roundtable (CX5000). 

This recent deal is just the next step in the partnership to continue to provide our customers with awesome end to end Unified Communications solutions that are top notch and affordable.  I, for one, am very excited to hear this and am looking forward to the solutions that will come to market with Polycom and Communications Server “14” (next release of Office Communications Server).

Polycom doesn’t only work with us on the Roundtable device, but they also manufacture other devices that integrate with Office Communications Server 2007 R2 today.  These devices are:

  • Polycom CX100 – USB Speakerphone
  • Polycom CX200 – USB Desktop Phone without dial pad or screen
  • Polycom CX300 – USB Desktop Phone with dial pad and screen
  • Polycom CX700 – IP Phone (standalone and does not require a PC)

Needless to say, I happen to have all four of these devices and use all but the CX200 on a regular basis.  I’m also looking forward to testing out the CX500, CX600 and CX3000 due out later this year – these are devices that are optimized for Communications Server “14”.

With the enhanced capabilities in CS “14”, I can only speculate on what kind of devices are in the works as part of this agreement. 

Harold Wong